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How Writing Skills Can Enhance Your Leadership?

By | Jessica Fender

What’s the Link?

Writing skills are known to nurture a range of other skills, most notably those related to leadership. It is hard to imagine strong leaders stumbling over their speeches or mincing words. The business world considers it to be a key skill every leader needs to master. And indeed, the same holds true for any other walk of life, whether it be politics, public speaking, or science.

There is a direct correlation between strong writing skills and advanced leadership capacity. Any investment in developing writing skills will have a huge payoff for any leader. Below, we offer a list of key factors explaining how writing skills can enhance your leadership.

–      Communication skills

Clear and persuasive communication is an essential skill of a leader. Strong leadership is inconceivable without solid and robust writing skills. If you aspire to develop your leadership skills, never assume you can achieve much with poor or underdeveloped writing skills.

Whether you as a leader are involved in management, team-building, or academic writing, you need to possess an outstanding ability to put your thoughts and ideas into a cohesive set of written words, sentences, and texts.

–      Accuracy

Writing skills imply the ability to write in a clear and accurate manner. Professional writers know this all too well. As you develop your writing skills through writing assignments, you are sure to enhance your leadership potential too.

Accuracy and cohesion are what you really seek when using write my essay paper services. You want to get a high-quality paper from a writing service, which means there’s no room for inaccuracies or typos.

–      Negotiation skills

As a leader, you will be involved in a lot of negotiations. Whether it be bargaining, dealmaking, or networking, you need outstanding writing skills to be successful on these fronts. It is a worthwhile and long-term investment to boost your writing skills because you will see tangible results achieved through your negotiations. 

Excellent writing skills are also a great prerequisite for effective brokerage of agreements and deals between multiple stakeholders. Leaders who communicate well can also accommodate well.

–      Self-confidence

As a leader, you are expected to behave in a self-assured manner unless you want to stink up the joint.  It is common knowledge that advanced writing skills can give a major boost to one’s self-confidence. Leaders who are able to write in a clear, concise, and authoritative manner, can have a major influence on their audiences, teams, and peers.

Regular practicing of writing skills paves the way for enhanced leadership and self-possession. When leaders can communicate in a clear and convincing manner, they are putting themselves ahead of the curve. Writing becomes their forte, which has lifelong benefits.

–      Creativity

Leaders should always aspire to challenge themselves. Robert Browning, an English poet, once said: “a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?” Writing skills help leaders push the limits of their imagination.

As a leader, you are supposed to be pushing the envelope all the time. Writing skills enhance your leadership by boosting your ability to think out of the box, as you are prompted to write on various subjects in a way that is unconventional, yet substantive. 

–      Team building

As a leader, you are also supposed to build, manage, and lead teams. In fact, the ability to facilitate the success of your team is a key attribute of an effective leader. This implies a lot of communication with and between team members, which includes a lot of written communication.

Leaders also need to make an extra effort to ensure effective communication between team members to lead them successfully. It is therefore a must to have robust writing skills to be able to enhance your leadership in an effective manner.

–      Image

Image matters to all. More so to a leader. Writing skills are an important ingredient in building one’s image. It is therefore crucial for a leader to have compelling, concise, and authoritative writing skills to project the image of a strong leader.

By regularly practicing writing skills, leaders prompt themselves to constantly improve the optics of their behavior, decisions, and actions. Coupled with speaking skills, writing skills constitute an essential characteristic of a strong public figure.


Strong leadership is tough to achieve without advanced writing skills. Those who develop robust writing skills enhance their leadership by boosting their confidence, communication capacities, image and imagination, and team-building skills.

In the long run, this is a worthwhile and prudent investment in one’s future with a huge return on investment in the form of sustained leadership, strong teams, and an effective skill set. The public is likely to perceive leaders with poor writing skills as ineffective and confusing. The lack of clarity may, at the end of the day, cost any leader his or her career.

Author Bio:

Jessica Fender is an HR specialist with a long history of consulting, both with organizations and job seekers. She is also an editor at The Writing Money.





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