How You Can Be Happier at Work

By Shelley Davenport | Undercover Recruiter

Beautiful days seem gray. Your six dollar coffee tastes like mud. And the soothing voices on NPR do little to quell the impending twitch in your right eye. You’re panicked, yet resigned, as you take that last sighing breath before opening the door. Jury duty? A funeral? Dinner with the in-laws? You wish. You’re at work and you’re miserable.

It seems like at some point in time every individual finds himself or herself in an intolerable, yet inescapable, job. Maybe you don’t trust the job market enough to call it quits right now. Maybe you’re waiting for that seemingly perpetually out-of-reach promotion. Whatever the reason, you’re sticking it out and you might as well make the most of it. We want to help you make the most of a less-than-ideal situation. So here are five things to look at when you just hate your job.

Attitude can seriously affect job performance.

While you try to find a job or tough it out with a promotion in mind, don’t let negativity turn you from victim into the problem.

  • First things first: What’s making you miserable? Is it the actual work, your boss or a coworker? Can anything be done to remedy it? If it’s your actual job, talk to your coworkers. More often than not, there’s an aspect of their responsibilities that they’re struggling to enjoy.
  • Swapping small responsibilities for one you’re more suited for will not only improve your mood but office productivity as well. If you stop looking at your job as a chore and see it as an opportunity to work toward a purpose you’ll notice a huge difference in your daily outlook.


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Shelley Davenport is a copywriter for Barnes Employment Group, a staffing company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. You can follow Barnes Employment on Twitter:@BarnesJobs.

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