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How You Respond to Messages From Strangers Says a Lot About You

Source | LinkedIn | Tim Denning | Aussie Blogger | Leader | Sales Professional – Inspiring The World Through Personal Development & Entrepreneurship

Put some thought into how you can be helpful rather than talk down to innocent people who take the time to contact you.

When you have been a writer for a few years and published a few hundred articles, something changes: You start getting messages from strangers you don’t know, who live all over the world.

I see these messages as an absolute privilege, although not all writers do. When you reach a certain level of accomplishment as a writer, it’s easy to go from being just like your reader to being better than your reader (without realizing this is what has happened).

You will get messages from people you don’t know with the following subject lines:

  • Can you help me with my writing?
  • Will you be on my podcast?
  • Can you answer my question?

Or the most common question I get: “I need your help?”

While not intending to, you can find yourself doing what I did a few years ago, responding to these messages with impolite answers that lack empathy and spit phlegm in the face of everything you have achieved.

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