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How Young People Can Own Their Financial Future Authentically

It starts with trusting the process. The good news is Gen Zers and younger Millennials are on their way, a new study says

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“Don’t trust anyone over 30” used to be the mantra of the Baby Boom generation back when they were, well, under 30.

Today those under 30 actually do trust – and in fact they have the highest levels of trust in financial services of any generation, according to a survey we at CFA Institute(opens in new tab) recently released. That’s promising news for Gen Zers and younger Millennials as they set out to make prudent financial decisions over the course of their lifetimes.

I’m heartened by what these levels of trust mean for younger investors, and let me explain why: Gen Zers and younger Millennials, more than any other generational cohort to date, need to “own” their financial futures. From paying for college to buying a home to funding retirement, they are largely on their own, and higher levels of trust in financial services will help them to make informed, unbiased opinions as they relate to these life-changing decisions.

When I began my career transition to finance, after starting in marketing, I was determined to seek further education in order to excel. This led me to finding available tools, credentials and mentors. I see many of these same actions being mirrored by young investors looking to forge their own path right now.

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