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How Your Biz Can Benefit From A Legal Transcription Service

By | Maggie Bloom | Freelance Writer

Unfortunately, there are times in the life of a business that legal issues occur. It can be a customer suing the organization. Or it can be the company itself that goes to court against another business or vendor.

No matter the situation, any type of discussion, deposition, or court appearance must be recorded. It’s the best way to get an understanding of events and how you and your attorneys should proceed. For that, you want to look into a legal transcription solution.

Why is it better to hire someone from a company like Transcription Outsourcing than to record audio and/or video? Here are a few reasons why.

Cover Multiple Tasks

In 2010, businesses spent nearly $115 million dollars in litigation. Some of those costs may have been reduced if they used a legal transcription service. Though it isn’t cheap, the return on investment is peace of mind that everything recorded is accurate.

This service isn’t only for court proceedings. They record other parts of a legal situation. These include:

  • Conference Calls between you, your attorneys, and the other party.
  • Depositions provided by you and the other party.
  • Interrogations if it’s a criminal case.

In other words, they’re available from the start of proceedings to the court decision.

Organization Of Records

Audio and video recordings can be useful to attorneys. They can observe the actions of the other party to determine if there are any signs they might not be doing the right thing. However, even in a digital state, these files are difficult to store.

Not so much when it comes to placing them on a server. More to the fact they take up a lot of computer space. Over 10 gigabytes is used for a 30-minute, high-quality video. Multiply that by several hours per case, and it can cost a law firm thousands of dollars in servers alone.

On the other hand, transcripts are much smaller to store and organize. Also, they can be printed out and placed in other locations for quick retrieval.

Accuracy Of Statements

There’s another potential issue with audio and video recordings. There are moments where important information can’t be heard. Background noise can absorb conversation. So can cross-talk or a person who speaks too softly or quickly.

Legal transcription services don’t have those problems. They’re able to pierce through all the interruptions to provide an accurate review of the proceedings. As a result, you and your attorneys have the clarity they need to proceed to the next steps.

Share With Others

If there are multiple parties involved in a law case, copying audio and video files to all of them is a worthless endeavor. Not only does it take time to download these huge files but those involved probably won’t go over everything. Thus, the endeavor might be considered a waste.

On the other hand, a transcript can be shared with others. Either multiple copies can be made or it can be available on a secure website for download. It allows both the attorney and those involved to read and highlight the important parts.

Overall, your business needs a legal transcription service to create the best situation possible. It offers the clarity and accessibility that media recordings don’t have. In addition, they can be used in the future if similar cases come up.

If your law firm doesn’t use a legal transcription service, then demand they use one for your case. In fact, provide this article to them so they understand the positives. They may decide it’s not just beneficial for your case – it’s useful for all their future interactions.

In the end, a legal transcription service will provide the peace you need during a tension-filled period of time.

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