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How Your HR and Other Departments Can Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Brand

By | Keith Coppersmith | Business Journalist

Instagram and influencers have been in the spotlight for years now, while Facebook and Twitter alike have also had their fair share of attention due to their immense popularity. Brands have utilized all of these, and various other social media platforms to promote their business, to gain a stronger foothold in their industry, and to make sure their audience can communicate with them regularly. What about your HR team, and the professionals that roam the realm of LinkedIn? 

Some consider it outdated, while others who have found highly effective ways to utilize it consider LinkedIn a fundamental asset in their HR efforts. In fact, this particular network has proven vital in cross-departmental collaborations as well, as HR experts pair up with sales teams, marketing gurus, and SEO experts alike to grow their business opportunities via LinkedIn. If you still haven’t discovered the incredible potential of this network, here are a few handy tips to make use of LinkedIn among your own HR professionals and other departments that are vital to your business growth.

Empower your employees

As the name implies, your HR crew is indeed the key mediator for all of your employees, to ensure their needs are met and that you make the right hiring decisions that will ultimately grow your brand. What too many companies have neglected to use is the power of LinkedIn in the hands of their employees. Let your HR experts educate your employees as to how they can contribute to your business growth on this platform. It can be anything from writing a compelling description of their position, to contributing with their own blog posts that will make a difference.

They are the equivalent of influencers in a professional sense, and your finest ambassadors when the time comes to hire new employees, to present your brand in a new light, to launch new services or products, and to expand your network. Educate your employees on how to use LinkedIn, and your business will have an even greater power to shape its presence in the digital realm as a professional entity, an employer, and an industry leader. 

Prioritize relevant content

In addition to working with your employees from that primary standpoint as an employer, you can also utilize your HR staff as a vessel for choosing and refining the content posted on this network. They can use it to stay in the know of the latest hiring trends, engage with other businesses complementary to your own, and join relevant discussions that will only help you expand your network. 

Your content creators can in turn learn from your HR team. They can learn to recognize the trends worthy of your brand’s attention, events your management might want to attend, and conversations that you should join. It’s not just about the content you write and post, but also about the content you share, by other experts in your industry and by recognized authority figures in your world. 

Digital networking to boost sales

Much like content creation works best when your HR experts work side-by-side with your writers in order to maximize LinkedIn’s potential, the same can be said for your sales teams. With the clear guidance of your HR, supported by your creative team’s consistent efforts, your sales can skyrocket thanks to LinkedIn’s lead-generating potential. As the living professional proof that this approach works, PostcardMania used LinkedIn to bring a staggering $72,000 in sales to the business by combining stellar content and brilliant timing. 

The key takeaway? Your HR team can make a quantifiable difference in social media-based lead generation when you know how to pair the strengths of your teams and let them work in harmony towards a common goal. Your sales team can put to great use the information shared by your HR experts, all neatly shaped into your brand’s voice and delivered by your content strategists. 

Create appealing careers pages

Of course, in addition to finding reliable partners, customers, and clients, LinkedIn is an endless source of potentially great candidates that can join your team. However, since the popularity of social media has grown over time, every reputable business has its own LinkedIn page, with many of its employees on LinkedIn as well, so the network has become more competitive in terms of finding candidates, reaching out, and actually grabbing their attention for more than a split second. 

Once again, allowing your designers, your branding team, and your HR to work in unison can help circumvent such issues and allow your business to stand out in the LinkedIn crowd and source valuable leads for your hiring needs. Your careers page should be optimized to appeal to your ideal employee, so use the information provided by your existing teams, and of course, be mindful of the technical and design requirements you should be aware of so that your brand can indeed become visible and memorable for possible recruiting. 

Time and time again, social networks arise as the winners of lead generation and business growth for various industries. LinkedIn may be underestimated by many, but consider this your opportunity to develop yet another segment of your social reach and maximize your HR’s expertise in the effort to grow your brand with the help of the most applicable strategies already tried and tested on this network. Use them to your advantage and let your entire social strategy benefit from your added efforts. 

About the author:

Keith Coppersmith is a business and marketing expert who has experienced both the rise and fall of many businesses. As a regular contributor at BizzmarkBlog, he enjoys writing and providing insight into the marketing industry based on both practice and theory.

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