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How Your Resume Can Outsmart An ATS

Source | LinkedIn | Phil Rosenberg | LinkedIn’s most connected Career Coach (30K+ 36M+), Author, Top 20 on Linkedin globally

Most resumes are held hostage by Applicant Tracking Systems.

But you have the ability to outsmart ATSs, get your resume unburied, and seen more often.

Here are a couple suggestions to start:

  1. Stop Sending Your Saved Job Board Resume: When you send a resume template that you saved on a job board, it’s almost guaranteed to stay buried. You’re applying with the least amount of effort possible, so you’re not even trying to get your resume seen by a human. Expect the same results when you apply with your Linkedin profile.
  2. That Job Description Is Obsolete: Almost all job descriptions are at least a year old, describing past needs. Replacement positions usually recycle the old job description from the departing employee. New positions had their job description approved during the budget cycle, 15 months ago (for most employers, that’s July-Aug 2018 for jobs advertised now). Even though needs and skills gaps change, job descriptions are rarely rewritten, as hiring managers realize they constantly change. It’s easier for them to just recognize what they need when they see it, but that doesn’t help you outsmart an ATS.

Good thing there’s a better way to find key words that will get you through the ATS more often, and I’ll show you during my next Resume Revolution – Beating The ATS webinar. While we’re at it, I’ll show you strategies to get through and around Applicant Tracking Systems, based on actual employer hiring processes.

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