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HR Analytics Trends: From Creating Business Impact to Improving Employee Experience|Madhura Chakraba

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In this interview, Madhura Chakrabarti, Global Head, People Insights & Analytics at Syngenta, shares her insights on the key trends in People Analytics.

In recent years, HR Analytics has moved beyond measuring the impact of HR activities. It’s enabled HR to drive business impact and, even more importantly, to improve the experience and performance of individual employees.

But to deliver value adding insights to the business, your entire HR population needs to develop data literacy. Only by understanding data can they speak the language of the business and be the true sparring partner HR needs to be.

0:00 – Intro
0:37 – How much has the People Analytics field changed in the past 10 years?
2:58 – What is the main constraint for large organizations in adopting People Analytics?
4:00 – Looking forward, what excites you the most about the field of People Analytics?
5:14 – Outro

In this interview, Madhura covers:
💡 The key trends in People Analytics over the last 10 years
💡 Main constraints for adopting HR Analytics in large organizations
💡 How Syngeta’s people analytics team is adding value

And much more!

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