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HR Analytics Webinar

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Deep dive into the world of HR Analytics
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HR Analytics Certification

In this webinar, we will introduce you to the analytics techniques used to drive HR initiatives.
We talk about strategies organizations are adopting for better people analytics and driving data – based decisions.

In this webinar we’ll take you through:
☑ Analysis vs Analytics
☑ Having a data mindset
☑ Talent Investments & business objectives
☑ What metrics to track
☑ Case discussions

Also the webinar will give us input on:

✓ How HR Analytics drives decisions on talent acquisition
✓ Talent development
✓ Building leadership
✓ Hiring and promotion
✓ Job design
✓ Compensation
✓ Collaboration


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Key moments:

0:00 Introduction
1:28 Would you hire an introvert or an extrovert as a Sales Executive?
3:16 Effect of gut based decision making
7:37 The idea behind
9:02 What is HR Analytics?
11:08 Analysis vs. Analytics
13:54 HR Analytics-Maturity Model
22:48 Traditional HR
25:26 Evidence based HR (Data Driven)
31:04 Vision for Management and Executives
33:41 Vision for Managers
38:36 Metrics to track
40:29 Some metrics to track
49:23 Creating metrics that matter
53:25 Impact of HR Analytics
53:31 Case 1: ABC Corporation Case Discussion
54:41 Absenteeism
1:01:12 Approach to HR Analytics
1:01:36 Driving HR Analytics
1:04:32 What will HR Analytics accomplish?
1:06:56 Key concepts
1:08:00 Spend on Analytics vs. Outcome


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