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HR and the Tech Boom: Plan now or Perish later!

By Anwar Shaikh  | Source :

The roles and responsibilities carried out by HR personnel have been undergoing seismic and drastic changes in the past few years. Yes, chatbots and automated HR tools are looking after most of the mundane human resources management tasks enabling HR people to dedicate more time on other critical tasks.

Nevertheless, technology and industry experts are apprehensive over the imminent problem of how well the HR is equipped or prepared to face the looming challenges that these changes would bring in.

Here is a compilation of five such prominent challenges for the HR:

  1. The digital workforce consists a lot more than humans

With businesses going that extra mile by making the big leap i.e. from industrial age to the modern digital age. The question arises: is it the same with human resources as well?

Automation tools and bots are taking up most of the critical business functions these days. For example, bots are communicating with customers to resolve basic customer queries and concerns. Also, bots are proving out to be quite handy in executing mundane HR functions as well such as sending out regular employee information forms, etc. Thus, turning the HR department less human with each passing day.

  1. Who will differentiate and resolve bias problems emerging in big data analysis?

If HR people fail to track the key analytical components and KPIs, then who will? In simpler terms, can a human resources department make such critical assessments if it lacks the necessary skillset and resources to do it in-house? And if able to, then with what proficiency and success percentage?

  1. Can HR accept the big change?

Before the humankind was introduced to the world of automobiles, people were apprehensive of the automobile technology. Likewise, there are and always will be naysayers of cloud computing technology and its unparalleled abilities. However, the future doesn’t seem to have any space for the naysayers and cloud-fearers. Therefore, resisting or abstaining from change is simply futile and cloud computing will proceed as the new normal in 2017 and beyond for HR. 

  1. Future HR ought to be tech-savvy

There will be a cloudburst of advanced analytics tool for HR professionals. Thus, the future breed of human resources professionals ought to be competent and skilled enough in analytics.It is because the next-gen HR will not only be served with a gigantic pool of data, but also will have to manage the frequently evolving and changing data.So the key for human resources personnel to get their heads into the world of big data and analytics lies in acquainting themselves with emerging analytical terms and trends such as cost modelling, machine learning and data mining, to name a few. 

  1. A new breed of analytics is coming to HR

Brace yourself to hear the following trends in a human resources department near you in the near future:

  • Foreseeing whether a new hire would emerge as a star performer
  • Foreseeing an identifying employees that are most likely to leave the organisation
  • Foreseeing employees or departments that are likely to commit a theft or fraud
  • Identifying key drivers of employee engagement
  • Foreseeing statutory compliance roadblocks
  • Foreseeing and identifying payroll frauds
  • Foreseeing and leveraging upcoming hiring patterns
  • Identifying and foreseeing factors that lead to employee burnouts


So the future HR will no longer remain an entity that manages human capital in an organisation, but in fact, it will be extensively about managing and dealing with HRMS software, big data, advanced analytics tools, bots, etc.

To conclude, we can opine that the scope of HR has evolved tremendously outgrowing the moniker ‘human’ resources. The future in its entirety is about reimagining the scope and name of human resources. In other words, the old moniker won’t just fit anymore.


Anwar ShaikhAnwar Shaikh writes about HRMS solutions and Payroll Software. A self-made, reared-up writer and a poetic soul, Anwar is a wannabe Cloud and digital marketing evangelist. He writes for Pocket HCM, a leading provider of cloud based payroll and HR management solutions to small and mid-sized businesses all across India.

You can find more about Anwar LinkedIn | Twitter | Google+  | Facebook

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