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HR as a “Prediction Machine”

Source | | John Boudreau | Professor and Research Director

A web search on “AI in HR” reveals a mind-boggling array of possibilities.

For example, AI can choose candidate sources, predict candidate performance, offer coaching and learning, and even suggest employee pay levels. Yet, a recent IBM survey suggests that only 66% of CEOs believe cognitive computing can drive significant value in HR, and only 50% of HR executives recognize that cognitive computing has the power to transform key dimensions of HR.

Are these leaders missing the point? Or, are they reserving judgment, because the reality of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in HR will be more complex?

In fact, the impact of AI will likely hinge on dilemmas that are not widely recognized today. One of those questions is whether AI is built to predict an outcome, or to mimic human behavior. Such dilemmas apply to AI in human resources, but they are vital to all AI applications. HR leaders should prepare to play a significant role in articulating and solving these dilemmas. 

Functional leaders such as CIO’s, CTOs, COOs, and CFOs often drive the AI application debate today, but HR can add important perspectives that go beyond simply technical or economic considerations. HR has a golden opportunity to make a strategic contribution by articulating these hidden dilemmas and providing needed frameworks to solve them. 

HR leaders can prepare for this leadership role today as they apply AI in HR.

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