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HR Automation: How To Unlock Efficiency [2023]

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What HR workflows can you automate to make your job easier? Find out the five applications of HR automation you can use to become more efficient and productive.

Welcome to HR Hot Topics, the video series where we discuss the latest trends and developments in HR and how you can prepare for the future of work.

HR automation is a powerful tool in your arsenal. Join Erik van Vulpen (Founder of AIHR) and Dieter Veldsman (Chief HR Scientist at AIHR) for insights into the hottest news from the world of work this month.

In this episode, we’ll discuss:

5 HR automation applications
Automated offboarding at Google
The real value of HR automation

Watch the full episode to get up-to-date on all the exciting and practical applications of HR automation that can take your business impact to the next level.

0:00 – Introduction, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence
1:28 – Applications of automation in HR
2:23 – #1. Automation in recruitment and onboarding
3:21 – #2. Automation in HR self-service and administration
5:45 – #3. Automation in Learning and Performance Management
7:43 – #4. Automation in AI and Predictive Analytics
8:38 – #5. Automation in compliance, legal, and HR reporting
11:00 – Next steps: Implementing automation in your work

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