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HR, Here Are 3 Ways You Can Rebuild Trust And Improve The Employee Experience

Source | | Heidi Lynne Kurter

In the past few years, human resources has rightfully earned their seat at the table to better represent their employees. However, they’re still struggling with the same issues they’ve battled with for ages. HR requires more than a seat at the table. While technology has allowed HR to streamline tasks so they can focus on creating a better employee experience, many are putting more emphasis on traditional metrics rather than nurturing relationships and the potential of their workers.

It’s for this reason, among others, that HR has gotten the reputation that they’re only for the company and not the employee. When it comes to issues from lower level employees, they feel neglected and that HR sides with the most senior role due to their ranking within the organization. Therefore, employees at all levels believe HR isn’t truly on their side. They feel the fun frills of the workplace is a cover up for the real underlying issues boiling internally.

Topia, an HR tech company specializing in Global Talent Mobility and managing distributed workforces recently conducted a survey that revealed

  • Only 17% of employees give their company an exceptional rating for employee experience
  • 1 in 4 employees say they have to hide parts of who they are in order to fit in at work
  • 58% of employees define a great employee experience as being empowered and trusted
  • 48% say it’s about training, job rotation, or international assignments
  • Only 19% said it’s about office space and perks

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