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HR Leaders After Covid-19

Source | | Aravind Warrier

In recent years we are seeing a worldwide economic downturn on account of COVID-19 that has disrupted or is still disrupting everyone’s perspective towards ‘Life.’ In today’s so-called VUCA world, the interconnectedness of the economy means that economic struggles in one part of the world inevitably resonates with other countries. Although the financial outlook is improving as countries’ economies begin to recover, there will be lasting effects on how organizations around the world conduct business. The impact on organizational revenues and funding for staffing, HR initiatives, and operational strategies as a result of the sudden and severe economic decline created many challenges within organizations, but it also provided valuable insights about successfully leading organizations through lean financial times.
Which knowledge, skills, abilities, and other qualities stand out for successful senior HR leaders in turbulent economies? Keeping the ongoing context and situation, the three most important competencies for senior HR leaders during this kind of unprecedented crisis are effective communication, strategic thinking, and leading change. Leading change is the only competency of the top three most important competencies that requires a different mindset and perspective. The matter of fact is, to lead change, a leader should marshal the other two competencies which then fasten the process. Through this course, it’s difficult for anyone to think of a better model that incorporates the three vital competencies, which would help the leader navigate through this unexpected phase of his/her tenure.
  1. Effective Resilient Communication: It is not the normal communication (being able to verbally or in writing, convey messages in terms that make sense, and also to actively listen to others) that we are talking about. We are referring to that which has the resilience edge comprising of empathy, compassion, kindness. The new norm requires a lot of persuasion than ordering, irrespective of the leader’s power and status. Credibility and trust are the key outcome of ‘Resilient communication.

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