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HR software integration? Here’s the Guide [2020]

By | Ritik Singh

Software integration – a change at the management is what most businesses fear of! Not just admin and HR people have to adapt, but employees too need to learn new methods on performing attendance punching (maybe), at keeping backups of data and work, leave applications and so on.

People have a common misconception on difficulties after software integration like the HRMS (HR management software). But the benefits thereafter are even more. As your business grows and company size increases, there arises need of efficient management tools.

HR software integration can help your HR department nurture employees and staff well. The intuitive software helps keep manual errors at bay and makes processes quick. Manual hiring process or your old HR system might take more time to generate hiring templates and have improper interview tracking.

New age HRMS can help you commit any HR or payroll related activity with ease and no second doubt. There is a huge array of options on HR software available in market today. Not every diamond ring fits you. So, how do you know what right things you should look for in an HR software?

The checklist below will help you pick the right HR software for your organisation:

·         Employee management

Effective HRMS system should not be only for the sake of management and organisation. HR software that can ease the functionality of both management and staff including employees is the right pick.

Dedicated HR software with employee centric modules like recruitment module and attendance module helps employees go through easy and short recruitment process and provide hour details easily. This also saves a lot of effort and time of HR and payroll people. Easy accessibility to employee information through the dedicated integrals helps payroll department not worry about data at last run.

·         Appraisal management 

Performing appraisals every year is not so easy for you. Keeping transparency at the entire process and right feedback from the parties is a challenge. HRMS system with its performance appraisal module makes the entire process automated with easy feedbacks from selected people like colleagues, client, TL, etc. 

Degree feedback through performance appraisal module makes the entire process transparent and motivates employees for better performance with rewards. The module helps evaluation of each employee easy and quick.

·         Cloud and On-premise

There are primarily 2 types of HR software in terms of support. Those are cloud based and on-premise HR software. Which one would you require? Cloud-based software can be accessed through any device with internet connectivity and credentials. It lets you work from anywhere.

Whereas, on premise solution is only available on your office desktop and cannot be accessed at your mobile device. On-premise comes up with extended features and is comparatively costly. Depending on your company requirements and size, particular software could be chosen.

·         Payroll module

Complete Payroll Solutions make data collection like bank details and calculation of PF, PTax and other payroll parameters easy and accurate. It leaves no window for any error. Compliance management helps you stay abide by laws and ever-changing payroll amendments.

Complexities at monthly payroll and wages is sorted with an effective HR software that offers payroll module. Automated calculation of deductions and credits make it highly commendable feature of any HRMS system.

Cloud-based payroll software also provides data security and safe payroll. Cloud-security is very important for a business in today’s date with so many data breaches and phishing.

·         Self-service option

Self-service portal for employees makes data entering and request tracking easier for them. Employees with credentials need not check on HR personnel for every concern at every time. The self-service tool helps get your basic concerns like leave checks, reimbursements, etc. solved in seconds.

It helps HR focus on other important tasks like CSR or operations. Employee turnover too is no more a concern. Tools that empower employees serve themselves contributes well in keeping employees well and satisfied. Getting your payslip was never so easy.

Besides the important modules to have in the solution is trials and training on the software. Never hesitate to ask for FREE trials on the interested software. Once everything goes well, implementation seems not affecting the current activities ask for effective training procedure.

Living the dream is not far. Take the decision today. Adopt best solution for the HR and business with promising features. That’s it for the subject!

Thanks for reading! Happy integration!

Author bio-

Ritik Singh writes about HR (Human Resource) software, cloud, and enterprise technology. A dynamic content writer who writes for Pocket HRMS, a leading provider of cloud-based HR software with inbuilt AI-powered HR Chatbot (smHRty) to small and mid-sized businesses across India.

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