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HR strategies for global employees in crisis situations | Andrew Barnett and Liat Zudkewich

HR professionals may feel like they have been living in a state of crisis for many years, whether it’s Brexit, Covid-19 or, in recent weeks and years, geopolitical conflict. Andrew Barnett and Liat Zudkewich examine what HR should be doing to assist their global employees in crisis situations.

Navigating crises becomes even more challenging when dealing with a global workforce and myriad immigration considerations that come into play. In such instances, HR professionals must rely on speed and agility to assess their workforce’s needs and implement effective solutions.

Know your people

In crisis situations, knowledge is power and having accurate employee population data is key to making quick and strategic decisions. HR professionals and employers should take the following steps to ensure they have access to quality data:

  • Create and maintain a centralised database of employee immigration information which houses immigration status, visa expiry dates and relevant immigration-related documentation. Consider whether employees input updates on their own into the HR platform or whether your organisation should have an external platform that keeps all this data easily at hand.
  • Make sure data is easily accessible: Information should be readily available via reports, and HR teams should be comfortable and familiar with the key data points.
  • Regularly audit and verify employee data: Partner with an immigration professional to regularly audit the data. Frequent audits can help…

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