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HR Team Can Help Business Develop a Competitive Advantage

By Alex Williams

An HR department represents one of the key factors for that can make or break your business. The HR team is supposed to be a kind of a link between the management and the employees, trying to create and organize the workforce in a way that suits company’s goals and strategies, but at the same time taking care that the workers are satisfied and fully engaged. Having a high-quality group of dedicated employees is the main goal of the human resources and it can give you a competitive advantage in many areas. Let’s take a look at a few key responsibilities of your HR team that can give your business a significant boost if done properly.


Recruiting new staff

Your HR should be keeping up with trends and tendencies on the labor market and should always be familiar with shortage or excess of a particular kind of workforce. This lead to your expenses being cut, since you’re not going to overpay someone who can be easily replaced by an equally qualified new employee. HR also makes sure to hire people that are not just top-quality workers, but also have the exact right skills to fulfill the needs of your business.

Also, checking if the candidate’s personality fits the atmosphere already created by employees is a very important job. When adding a new face to the team, you need to make sure that they have the right character in order not to damage the team’s morale. The HR department should also think of new creative ways to find and attract top candidates for the job in your company, by offering incentives to stimulate them, organizing social events or reaching out to potential new employees while they’re still at college.

Employee evaluation

Evaluating employees’ performance on a regular basis may be vital for detecting causes of your company’s efficiency issues. This is done through monthly, quarterly or annual evaluations conceived and performed by the HR. These assessments can show who your most or least effective employees are, which one of them lack motivation or which one of them have the most room for improvement. They can also give you a hint about some general trends in your company that you should pay attention to. Namely, if a big majority of the people in a certain department is underperforming, the problem might not be the workers themselves; they may be underpaid, overworked or otherwise mistreated. A good HR team can give you valuable advice on how to improve their position and their efficiency.


Compensation and benefits

The main motivation for your employees is, obviously, what they get for their work as a compensation. This includes not only salaries, bonuses and rewards but also other things like medical insurance, paid time off, extended maternity leave, company car or simply a sense that they’re learning new things at your company that can benefit them in the future. A commonly used phrase in the world of HR is the so-called “work-life balance”, which is something that your employees need to achieve in order to be as productive and as devoted as possible. Your HR should come up with creative ways to help the workers accomplish this balance, by offering certain employees conveniences like flexible work hours or telecommuting, and should in general develop innovative compensation strategies that can motivate your team.


Compliance with law

Problems with law and administration don’t stop once you figure out how to register a company and calculate your taxes. You should also be careful not to provoke any legal issues regarding your relationship with your employees. A quality HR will also take care that the employees treated in full accordance with relevant employment laws. You’re not expected to be personally familiar with the wide range of legal tricks that can be played against you when it comes to employment practices. Your HR team should be able to help you with different legal matters regarding your workers, such as discrimination, injuries at work, overtime or paying for the probationary period.


Training and development

Another way to compensate the workers is to offer them free training that will help them later in their career. This will not only influence their engagement but will also help the company by making the team more qualified. Conceiving and implementing training programs is also HR’s job. This should come as a consequence of a detailed evaluation of what competencies and skills your employees are missing in order to be more productive. HR will also take care that the desired results of the training meet the more general needs of your business.

Your workforce is your most valuable resource. In order to manage it properly, you’ll need a reliable HR that will monitor your workers’ abilities, performance and morale. Don’t underestimate the importance of proper coordination and management of your employees – all the great business ideas and plans won’t mean much if you have an incompetent and uninspired bunch of people trying to put these ideas to work.


My name is Alex Williams. I am a journalism graduate, and a rookie blogger trying to find my luck. Blogs are the perfect opportunity for presenting yourself to wider audience, getting the chance to showcase my expertise and receiving recognition. I am a regular contributor at Bizzmark Blog“”.





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