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‘HR teams of the future will be information curators’

By | Hema Ravichandar | Strategic HR Advisory, former CHRO Infosys Ltd  

With 2019 drawing to a close, Mint invites thought leaders to discuss five ideas that will impact the coming decade. Strategic HR advisor Hema Ravichandar says millennials are looking at work differently, seeking more balance and time to take care of their interests and passions. She believes the future of HR will lie in strategically steering organisational efforts to successfully navigate fast-changing economic conditions.

Leaders as inspiring talent magnets

Creating inspirational, accessible and inclusive leaders who shape organizational purpose at every level within the company or the business will be critical. The ability to build this pipeline and develop leaders with a strong personal mastery will be a key human resources challenge. HR’s ability to understand these requirements, bring on board such leaders, and create an enabling environment for them to thrive will be crucial.

Agile, multidisciplinary teams will be the norm. Organizations will need to tap into their knowledge and skills to understand the customer and solve problems. Such teams need players who not only have depth in their domain but also have breadth, an appreciation of other domains. Breadth fosters respect for team members, a key prerequisite for collaboration, which is at the heart of effective teams.

Data the new oil, analytics a lever

The HR professional of the future will be an information curator, using analytics to connect the dots, envisage future challenges and design solutions, all within the guardrails of rigorous data privacy standards. Overlaying this data will be their understanding of human behaviour to better predict tomorrow, like great football players who instinctively head for where the ball will be rather than follow the ball.

Corporates, whether large or small, will realize that their boards will also need to have strong talent champions. Human resources teams will need to build and acquire the competence to understand and engage strategically with the board and become true co-creators of organizational strategy. HR’s success and relevance in the future will be determined by its adeptness to do this.

Double E: Excellence in execution

Finally, the double E. The possibilities are many but the future for HR will lie in its ability to bridge the gap between these immense possibilities and actual action on the ground. Without excellence in execution great ideas remain just that –possibilities. Ground-up, concrete action and endeavour will be the final acid test of success for human resources teams in the workplace of the future.

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