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HR Tech vendors – how they missed the bus

Source | LinkedIn : By Nikhil Shembekar

In this post I would like to examine the reasons why HR tech vendors have missed the bus when it comes to understanding what makes a good HR tech. This has led to a plethora of point to point solutions & hence has become a nightmare for any company to handle multitude of applications.

Imagine a mid/large sized firm & list all the applications which are supposed to “serve” the employee. This could be a probable list:

a. Application for core HR data – maybe SAP HR, Peoplesoft etc (in many systems talent management is also getting embedded)

b. Application for managing leave

c. Application for managing attendance

d. Payroll (outsourced or another application)

e. Expense management

f. Recruitment system

g. Collaboration (you got it free from Microsoft.!!.)

h. SSO application

i. Your intranet

j. Possible application for managing “recognition” because your HR head suddenly wanted employees to feel rewarded..!

k. Learning system

m. Analytics in a different application like excel, MS BI etc

n. all the patchwork to keep these systems running

This list is endless & goes on to show how the early leaders in HR tech like Peoplesoft, SAP, Oracle missed the bus to embed their applications in other peripheral but important areas for employee engagement. It is true that “hits” to your core HR system which you so proudly implemented aren’t what you expected & there is far lesser functionality than you imagined which can bring in employees.

One of the major reasons why the big vendors might have missed this is that there was excessive focus on the Core HR systems rather than the other applications which an employee might use. This has led to vendors who specialize on specific areas to come up. While the functionality is great it has become a nightmare for integrating these systems. How many time have we seen that employees have got terminated yet continue to get paid.!!

Now the race has again begun with the large vendors to expand their portfolio to get into these areas & help employees “visit” their applications.

The challenge of course is to ensure that HR tech vendors get the “seamless” experience right, get apps ready for mobile & ensure that functionality is built such that orgs can extend it on their own rather than wait for vendor to deliver.

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