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HR Technology 2021 Now Published: Shattering Changes In The Market


Let me talk about why I call this shattering.

First, the HR Tech market is turned inside out – it’s entirely focused on employees, not HR.

Every company is reinventing its employee experience, so they need tools that simplify, automate, and digitize everything. We’ve gone well beyond building a great portal or mobile app: companies need AI-enabled tools that fit together like puzzle pieces and platforms that lets them build journeys, back-to-work programs, onboarding and transition programs, and wellbeing solutions easily.

The big trend in the tech market is moving from “systems of record” to “systems of design.” In other words, we need platforms that are not only easy to use, but actually easy to build and customize. Vendors like Microsoft (Viva), ServiceNow (the Quebec release), and new offerings from Workday, Oracle, SuccessFactors and others are opening the door to a world of “Creator Tools” for HR.

Second, Microsoft’s entry into the market could change everything.

It’s hard to think of a vendor that isn’t impacted by Microsoft Viva. Learning platforms have to integrate with Viva Learning and Microsoft Teams. Content companies are building Viva-enabled search and discovery. Communication and wellbeing tools are developing plugins. The wave is just beginning and it has every HR Tech product manager scratching their head.

The other impact is the formal definition of Employee Experience Platform as a category. Lots of vendors have decided they want to be in that space.

Third, new user interfaces and AI-enabled agents are transformational.

The user experience for HR platforms has changed. Every new system needs a conversational interface, and most work through messaging. Upwards of 40% of the workforce is now “deskless,” and they want the HR system to “disappear.” In fact, one trend is what I call the “disappearing HR system” – we just chat with it or interface with it and never really login and see it.

There are many innovative designs to consider. One cool tool I’ve seen is a product called Charthop that displays every piece of data you need in a visual way.

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