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Do An HR Technology Audit To Get The Most Out Of Digital HR

Source | LinkedIn : By Dave Ulrich

No one doubts that technology has changed our lives. Global online sales have doubled in five years to over $1.5 trillion. The Big Six social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest) exceed 2.4 billion people.  The largest of which, Facebook, would be the second most populous country on the planet, after China. Technology pervades our daily lives in how we use computers, communicate, access entertainment, drive, shop, form relationships, and so forth. Unprecedented and fast innovation in technology increases access, shares information, and removes boundaries.

So, what are the implications for HR?

The digital world of HR is a major theme for dozens of HR conferences and new applications and tools with great promise. We have distilled the divergence of HR technology work into four phases to assess your HR technology focus and investment.

Phase 1: to what extent do we use technology to streamline administrative HR work?

Large global firms like Oracle (with PeopleSoft), SAP (with Success Factors), and Workday (with Workday Human Capital Management) offer technology platform services, engineered systems and software applications for business and HR solutions. These firms often build the backbone for shared services where work is done faster, cheaper, and easier. Emerging robots extends this efficiency agenda.

Phase 2: to what extent do we use technology to innovate our HR practices?

Every HR practice area is being upgraded through technology. These upgrades drive HR innovations as illustrated below:

Phase 3: to what extent do we use technology to access information?

We found in our research (see forthcoming book Victory Through Organization) that information management is the most critical capability to deliver business results. Access to information traditionally gives leaders power because they have more information than their employees. Today, with open access of information through technology, information is less about power and more about the ability to make better business decisions. HR departments can influence information capability in a number of ways.

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