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HR tops rankings of most stressful professions

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A comprehensive study has identified that human resources practitioners as the most stressed professionals – outstripping other industries including legal, retail, catering & leisure, IT and healthcare.

The just-published UK study – conducted by Perkbox – quizzed around 16,000 respondents from more than 50 British cities about their respective professions.

It revealed that while 63% of legal workers and 54% of retail, catering and leisure workers experienced stress and anxiety, 79% of HR professionals were negatively impacted by their job.

It’s a worrying finding – especially poignant given that today (10 October) is World Mental Health Day.

So why was HR found to be so stressful? According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), given that are HR pros are constantly required to multi-task, frequently discussing negative issues with employees and dealing with the pressure of finding solutions to thorny problems under their remit, it’s unsurprising that HR runs the risk of experiencing a high level of workplace stress.

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