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Human Intelligence vs. Artificial Intelligence

Source | LinkedIn : By Perala R Chakrapani

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software.Human intelligence (HI) is the intelligence exhibited by human beings.

In my own views, AI is good for applying on the repetition tasks having predictive and continuous learning pattern. Humans on the other hand can be AND(creative, inventive, innovate, core focus) on the OR( job, assignment, goal, mission, business)

Did I say continuous learning ? This is YET-TO(come, hear, see) in our world of AI.

Humans had mastered the continuous learning process and pattern.

If AI is implemented in technology/software areas, company internal use etc…The world is not going to bark at AI. The real twists and turns happen when humans are replaced with AI for the sake of making more profits and revenues. For example, If we replace workers who applied HI for so long years to run the factory with AI and Robots, then in countries like India, Workers under the Union will bark for this change and create chaos. This will shut down OR(factory, state, country).

I had one good idea to balance the AI and the HI. This can be possible if the company adopts my patent pending platform.

Lets take the use case of Automatic-Driving Cab.

1) All seats of cab is to be occupied by passengers.
2) Like BPO and Call Centers, driver is in the office sitting at the driving stimulator seat.

3) Driver talks to passengers from his/her BPO/Call Center office…Passengers in the Cab sees, hear and respond to Virtual Reality avatar on the screen attached to the dashboard.

4) Driver begins driving by reading 2 or more screens showing cab front view, cab rear view, map and location of cab with GPS/sensor data, traffic data and any other information,notifications and alerts to the driver.

5) Once the destination is reached, passengers pay and leave the cab.

6) Driver in the office will be given another assignment of another cab in another location.

From the above points, I can summarize, Productivity and Utilization will be at full swing. Drivers get paid on the basis of time sheet. Drivers can change seat anytime in the office. Indian roads are good for this business model as HI is more applied along with help of AI. Last but not least, trusted and certified drivers can work from home by installing car driving stimulation set.

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