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Humor in the Workplace, Employee Motivation: I Love My Job! Choose Your Attitude at Work!

[youtube] Do you LOVE your job the way this guy does? Humor in the workplace expert Michael Kerr runs Humor at Work – helping organizations to become more inspiring by putting the power of humor to work to motivate employees and build more creative, inspiring and successful workplaces.


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  1. I see why he is so happy. if i was going to an office desk of my own i would be that happy too. with this stupid economy grads these days can't even find a decent job. 

  2. Hi Mike. Just loved your vid. I was hoping to use it in my powerpooint pres i will be giving to my team later this month. However, the embed doesnt work for me and the copy paste of the vid (minus the "watch? and removal of = doesnt seam to work). Any ideas?

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