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I am so bored at work; should I become an entrepreneur instead?

Source | Live Mint : Subroto Bagchi



I am at a point in life where my career is on a good footing. Everybody at work loves me, the promoters included. My family is well set and all I wanted to do for them is in place. On the face of it, I couldn’t be in a prettier place. But I am unhappy. I think entrepreneurship is the way to go. But I don’t know if I’m cut out for it. Quite honestly, I am clueless. All I know is I am moving out of my job. My boss and wife think I am loony. What is the matter with me?


There are two themes here. Even as they may sometimes be intertwined, it is a good idea to take them up one by one. The first has to do with “boredom” while everything is going well for you. The second is “entrepreneurship”. Let us take up the first one first.


You may do yourself a great favour, analysing and if needed, correcting the reason you get bored. Is this a recurring theme in your life? Do you get tired of good things as somewhat of a personality trait? If so, you may even be suffering from the curse of material well-being and living a life that is probably self-centred. While everyone seems to like you or even love you as you say, you may be living in a false world where your ability to deliver is seemingly keeping everyone in awe, admiration and love. That awe, admiration and love may be actually for the moolah you make than it is for you. Deep inside, you may be aware of this dichotomy; this could be the wellspring of your sense of emptiness. If this sounds like you, get up, take a long walk and have a conversation with yourself. For heaven’s sake, don’t start a company. What if you get bored with that as well?


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