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“I discarded many of the conventional explanations of success”​

By | Sridhar Ramanathan

I was looking through my book shelf yesterday. All of them were written before the Covid crisis. One question kept coming up. How relevant are these books? And the theories/ hypothesis/frameworks they presented.

To find out I picked up Dr Ram Charan’s book “Know-How. The 8 skills that separate people who perform from those who don’t”

What are the 8 Skills Dr Ram Charan talks about?

  1. Know-How – The substance of Successful Leaders
  2. The Foundation – The Positioning and Repositioning The Business To Make Money
  3. Before The Point Tips – Connecting Dots by Pinpointing and Taking Action on Emerging Patterns of External Change
  4. Herding Cats – Getting People to Work Together by Managing The Social System Of Your Business
  5. How Leaders Are Made – Judging, Selecting and Developing Leaders
  6. Unity Without Uniformity – Molding a Team Of Leaders
  7. It’s Monday Morning – Now What?
  8. In The Court Of Public Opinion
  9. Letter to a Future Leader
  10. The Eight Know-Hows

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