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I Finally Found the Right Career When I Embraced My Introversion

By | Allison Colin-Thome |

I will never be “charming” in the typical “extroverted” way, and that’s OK. My quiet strengths helped me build a business I love.

Growing up, I didn’t want to be different. I would have loved to have had a close circle of friends, instead of just a few random friendships. As I got older, I realized I wasn’t as talkative as others within large groups of people. Parties were a double-edged sword for me — I craved the inclusion but usually spent the night waiting for it to end. I watched others command attention, then flourish in it. I was envious. I felt inferior.

How much did I miss in school by not speaking up more? I had things to say. I had opinions and questions that needed answers. But I could rarely bring myself to raise my hand and voice them.

They say confidence comes with time. And if time is all you need, then surely after several years of experience in the corporate world, I should have been “confident” enough to portray the leader they were all expecting. But eight years into my HR career, I still found myself avoiding the limelight. Maybe I wasn’t destined for professional success?

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