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‘I get more likes when I post thirst traps’: Why is Gen Z so sexual on social media?

By | Arika Kim |

Early last year, Rolling Stones magazine reported that millennials have found Gen Zers to be “pure and puritanical”.

According to the article, these “puriteens” are so sexually conservative, they have no qualms calling people out on online behaviours that are deemed “too much”.

In the same year, Vox ran an article, crediting Gen Zers for their involvement in the Cancel Porn Movement on TikTok.

At the risk of sounding like a finger-wagging prude, it’s difficult to agree with the sentiment every time I witness yet another Gen Zer gyrating their hips or posting something that alludes to a sexual experience.

While there are probably “puriteens” out there who post more wholesome content on TikTok, my algorithm seems to lean heavily on the other side.

The kind where videos like this onethis one, and this one exist.

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