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I have decided to be happy today. Those with me . . . smile please !

By | Sabih Kidwai | Director Learning Solutions, Talent Management & OD at Schneider Electric Greater India

I have always believed that being happy is more a state of mind than anything else hapenning in the outside world.  

Have observed people for years and can catalogue all in just two categories, those who are ‘happy’ and those who are ‘not happy’ category. Interestingly both these categories have very distinctive characteristics of their own.

Happy category of people are the ones who are more often smiling and chuckling around. They are typically a nice company to be with and have the unique ability to find something to be happy in all circumstances. They usually are also able to look at various aspects including conflicts with an open mind and do not get perturbed easily.

On the other hand, the ‘Not happy’ category of people are the ones who are observant, meticulous and usually very quick to find what is not right, below expectation or undesirable. These are also usually people who do not hesitate to express their discontent and displeasure. Their unique ability is to find something to be not happy about in all circumstances.

Interestingly in my experience these categories have been universal and agnostic of age, gender, nationality and social status. It is fun to observe everyone around and see them fitting in any one of these categories. . .

Republished with permission and originally published at Sabih Kidwai’s LinkedIn

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