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I have lost the steam !

Source | LinkedIn : By Sanchit Sethi

I am currently on a flight back from Trivandrum to New Delhi. The urge to write this story has been so strong that I don’t want to wait till I reach home. I think I have something worth sharing. Lets jump to it now.

If you guys haven’t read the last article I wrote, I would suggest you to read that before proceeding ahead with this one. Not that you won’t get the details of this article without going through the previous one, but the knowledge of previous episode will make the current one more interesting. The call is yours though.

So we were having a great time after our media outbursts last year at StayUncle. People across the cities started getting to know us. Gradually though, but a super strong team had started to build around Blaze and me. People were now believing in our cause. Business was growing 200 % MOM. In the next couple of months, I had reached places I never anticipated I will reach this soon. All my startup dreams were coming true. I was living the life people desire to live; bigger office, bigger team and great people around. More business than ever flowed in and what not. I had everything around me. But one thing.

The Drive. Also known as “Steam” in our startup ecosystem.

I had lost the steam somehow. I had no more drive within to take the company forward. As a founder of a growing startup, I am confessing that I have lost it.

For the initial few months I was under the impression that I needed a quick break into the mountains. I needed to recharge my batteries and get back to the hustle. A trip was planned and I was in the mountains; came back refreshed. But it was a temporary freshness which lasted only for couple of days and I was back to myself not wanting to leave my bed every morning again. This continued to such an extent that I forced myself to believe that it is normal, that I deserve some rest now. Few more months down the line, I started losing interest in most of the things around me. I was working because I was supposed to. Because that’s what normal people do. The pace with which I was executing things at StayUncle had slowed down. It used to take months to push new features. And they were merely incremental to what we already had. The team was excited about their work but not me. The situation had started haunting me now. I had realised that I was losing steam and It wasn’t going to work like this forever. I wasn’t happy with myself. I was only spending time allowing me to flow in the luxurious life I had started living after the business started rolling. Better office, better lifestyle, Starbucks coffee, etc. etc. They became the new means for me to derive purpose.

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