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I, Me, Myself – our latest Value system

Source | | Sridhar Rao | Management Consultant and Coach

Wondering what this is about?

It is about what we see around us everywhere- on the streets, at work, in relationships, in politics, in governance…everywhere!

People seem to be on this trip of constantly proving something to others around – in thought, tweet, speech or deed.

So if, on the road, this 2-wheeler guy wants to take a right turn- he will. Doesn’t matter that there is a divider and no right turn. He just goes over the divider!

To hell with the on coming traffic that needs to put sudden brakes to accommodate him and save his life!!!

On social media, especially Twitter, a few people are constantly trying to prove how only their thoughts are right and others are wrong. This hounding or trolling is not just one political party hitting at another; it has now gone down to individual agendas being driven about any subject that could be used to hit at someone; and every one’s in one or the other “camp”. The name of the game seems to be “let’s hit them”!

Of course, mercifully, while these few people are on the high decibel, 4 tweets per minute kind of a campaign, a large part of the population is not even there on twitter.

At workplaces, it hardly takes long for organisations to be divided into three groups – those who are close to the bosses, those who are close to the ones against the bosses and the third, vast majority, who watch dumbfounded the games that go on.

Needless to even talk about politics and governance.

What about relationships? Well, now even a fun song is that which encourages break ups and casual flings – “Break up Song”!!! So guess what’s happening in relationships.

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