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“I WILL” will always beat “IQ”

By | Mohit Gundecha | CEO Jombay | Stanford University | Assessment Center Technology

This week I had an opportunity to have a fireside chat with COEP (College of Engineering, Pune – my alma mater) alumnus Nitin Paranjpe at a truly amazing COEP CXO Global Meet. His charisma, humility, clarity of thought and his snippets of professional experience (The latest as COO at Unilever) stole the limelight! I had to bring some of his quotes straight to you:)

“The only difference between a manager and an entrepreneur is the relationship between the two alphabets “A & R”. Managerial mindset is where ambition(A) is equal to resource(R) …..While there’s no entrepreneur worth his/her salt who would ever allow there to be any relationship between their aspiration and their resource” – CK Prahlad’s words that stayed with Nitin.

“I was driven to be the best I can be and being the best I can be is up to me. I like it when the locus of control is within me.”

“Each one of us has near infinite capabilities within us. But we are so afraid of failing that we don’t have the courage to imagine something bold and stick our necks out.”

“I WILL” will always beat “IQ”

“Firstly, as a leader, create a vision which is collectively inspired and individually relatable! Secondly, everyone wants to be a hero. Create conditions where someone has a chance to do something heroic!”

“If you aim for a global role – build a global perspective and recognise that softer aspects are just as important.”

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