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I Worked Closely With Bill Gates for 8 Years as an Executive at Microsoft. Here Are the 3 Lessons He Taught Me That I’ll Never Forget

He was virtually always right


Key Takeaways

  • Chris Williams is a former VP of HR at Microsoft and podcaster, consultant, and TikTok creator.

  • He says Gates was a genius at figuring out what mattered, and that he was nearly always right.

  • Williams also says Gates was able to tell if someone was “slinging the bull” and not being truthful.

From my very first meeting with Bill Gates it was clear he was someone you could learn from. That grilling in a tiny Microsoft conference room in the summer of 1992 was one I’ll never forget.

From then through to my time as Vice President of HR when I was afforded many one-on-one meetings with him, I learned many things from Bill Gates. Here are the 3 that stick with me.

1. Dig for answers

Chris Williams

Chris Williams via Business Insider

That first meeting was just days after the Fox Software team arrived on the Microsoft campus in Redmond. Microsoft had paid over $170 million for the company, and it was clear Bill wanted to see what he’d bought.

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