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Ideas Are Like Acorns

By | Adil Malia |

Behind every big action is a small idea that got developed. If a seed germinates or if it is germinated, it starts to grow. If an idea, plan, or feeling germinates, it comes into existence and begins to develop. All ideas are small. They become big !!!

Fiercely protect your ideas though approach them with an open mind . They could be wrong. Don’t let the Pygmalion effect force you to be stubborn about them.However, do not let external factors other than its appropriateness be the cause if it’s failure.

The 7 Step Process To Bring Your Idea To Fruition….

Step 1: Come up with your idea and understand the market. Step 2: Think of your goals and develop a business plan. ..

Step 3: Validate your idea using people you know.

Step 4: Develop you idea into a prototype.

Step 5: Don’t forget to prioritize your work/life balance.

Step 6. Discuss with a circle of relevant friends and improvise Step 7 : Take your idea to people for testing.

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