From Ideator to Entrepreneur: The Missing Link

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Ideas, as author Sue Grafton says, are easy. It is the execution that truly separates the sheep from the goat. I believe all of us are creative individuals with the power to look at the world around us and envision a different reality.

Fire from a Match Flare

We are all ideators — brooding, pensive, pondering, whimsical beings full of Noam Chomsky’s ‘colourless green’ thoughts. But not all of us are entrepreneurs. Converting an idea to an enterprise needs a certain something: An Archaeopteryx connecting vision to action, a Sumerian wheel of tenacity that converts a momentary match flare in your mind to a self-sustaining fire.

It is a hard and windy road, but one that comes with its own special rewards. As the founder of a platform that connects businesses with the right freelance talent on demand, I know this all too well.

It wasn’t long ago that I, too, had an idea flare up in my mind. The only difference being unlike others I didn’t let the fireworks die! Deciding to start up on my own is easily one of the best decisions I have made in my life, and despite the pitfalls, I would highly recommend it to friends, family, and the fellow dreamer; with the caveat that they are ready for a self-evolution. As for the missing link(s) and the secret sauce(s), here is the knowledge I have so far accumulated during my growing years:

Persist, Persevere, and Don’t Give Up Hope During the In-betweens

The whole cycle of a start-up – the processes of ideation, testing, implementation, and finally, growth — needs a lot of perseverance and patience.

There are days when you wake up on the wrong side of Murphy’s Law and everything that can possibly go wrong takes an even horrible turn for the worst. And then there are days when the jigsaw just completes itself, and even your cruelest client compliments your work. An entrepreneur perseveres during tough times and persists during the good ones. The period in between these two extremes, the proverbial calm before the storm, is when entrepreneurs live and dream and hope.

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