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If CO-WORKERS have a LAUGH together, does it build security in the CUSTOMER?

Source | LinkedIn : By Aiyshah Gwilliam

Remember the day when you’d see your Mum and Dad have a laugh together and as a child it made you feel deep down really good and secure? Well the same goes for the work place. When a customer sees staff have a quick laugh about something, they too feel secure that they are dealing with a company who values their staff, who then in turn will value you as a customer….just like Mum and Dad.

Now I can hear you all saying …but-but-but-….. yes, of course a laugh in front of a customer or even behind their back about them is of course an absolute no-no, or even a cynical laugh about another staff member in front of the customer is terrible. But to simply see staff getting on and working together harmoniously can do wonders to the morale of the customer and their perception of you.

Of course, if a customer is angry and needs attention, laughing with co-workers isn’t going to cut it, it tells them that you don’t care about them…. true. So, this is a no-no too obviously. But this is not about these kinds of situations. This is about the everyday workings of dealing with the customer and the services you provide for them.

Unfortunately, there are too many companies who believe professionalism is all about being serious. Serious as soon as you walk through the door right through to the clock off time, and if the staff are forced to be serious for every moment of that time, for sure you can guarantee there won’t be a single face left in the office by 5.01pm.

Laughing (in a genuine sense and not that kind that has negative and destructive undertones) works for everyone in so many ways:

–         It’s a way to connect with others

–         It makes people feel included

–         It’s a way to let off steam

–         It’s a way to allow people to think creatively

–         It builds allegiance and loyalty

–         It often allows someone to say something truthful in a non-confrontational way

So fi you are a business owner and are worried your staff are having too good a time, don’t be ashamed or annoyed, see this in a different light and know how to use it to your advantage.

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