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If Every Company Is A Technology Company, Every CXO Has To Be A Technologist

By | Srikanth Karra | CHRO at Mphasis

We live in a time of digital transformation. Every business is a technology company. In the automotive industry, self-driving cars are the future of transport. In utilities, power infrastructure is transitioning to the smart grid. In retail, the world’s largest brick-and-mortar retailer, Walmart, has expanded its e-commerce capability to challenge Amazon. These transitions have been accelerated by the pandemic, which has made it necessary for every organization to be accessible to customers, employees and other stakeholders remotely. It is now imperative for every business to be a digital business or be left behind.

Such developments have a profound implication for leadership. Today, leadership is transforming. If every company is becoming a technology company, every C-level executive must be a technologist. Leadership is now defined by vision and the ability to pivot an organization into a technology-led business. 

Five Capabilities Of The New-Age Leader

In a technology-led organization, CXOs must be both team players and individual contributors. Leaders must blend both people and technology perspectives for a business to become a technology organization. I believe the most well-known and notable leaders who have pivoted their organizations successfully demonstrate the following five crucial capabilities.

1. Anticipating the future: New-age leaders demonstrate deep technology awareness. They see what’s happening on the horizon and don’t just wait to catch up. Take Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s ability to foresee the impact of the cloud on his organization. In anticipation, he pivoted Microsoft from being a software and gaming company into a cloud-driven organization of the future. This infused a fresh lease on life into the organization, while technology organizations that did not embrace the cloud were left behind.

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