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If Our Generation Doesn’t Stop Giving So Much Importance To Work, We’ll Lose Our Minds Soon

Source |  | By|Grace Bains

As part of my job, I’m supposed to write no less than 2 stories everyday. But this one, I’m writing with utmost care because today, I’m going to pen down my story.

I joined the workforce right out of college. You see, I’m an Indian millennial, and we all know that this generation has too much competition. From a seat in the metro to a job in an MNC, there’s at least 10 people competing with you, if not more. And hence, being the ferociously ambitious girl that I am, I decided I wanted to start early.

I had it all planned for myself. I was in one of the best colleges, became the General Secretary of my department, and I graduated with first division, just like I always wanted to. During my last semester, I took an internship with a media house and gave my exams, and still managed a first division.

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