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If someone displays these 10 traits, they have a strong moral compass

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How can we judge somebody’s moral compass?

Is it just subjective?

The truth is that there are definite and clear ways to assess the strength of somebody’s moral compass and I’m going to take a look at them here. 

1) Honesty

First up: any person with a strong moral compass is honest

Do they never tell a lie?

That’s a stretch. 

But if they do lie, they regret it and they try to make up for it. 

The person with a strong moral compass avoids lies and does their best to tell the truth as much and consistently as possible. 

Being a dishonest person is ultimately a drag on the liar and on everyone they impact. 

People with a strong moral compass don’t traffic in that kind of nonsense.

2) Self-awareness

It’s very hard to have any strong moral compass without self-awareness

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