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If you do these 9 things every day, you’ll be seen as a good leader

By | Liv McConnell |

As my best friend, borrowing from the author Annie Dillard, likes to say, how we spend our days is how we spend our lives. 

Our seemingly small, day-to-day decisions are ultimately the ones that bear the most weight. It’s these choices and habits that add up to comprising who we are as individuals — and who we are as leaders. 

Below, we heard from CEOs and other leadership experts about the habits and choices that true leaders make a part of their lives every single day.

1. They schedule in daily “me” time

“The one thing that a CEO should do every day is to take time for themselves and away from their business,” Beth Lawrence, CEO of Beth Lawrence Meetings & Events, said.

“I find that, even if I take an hour away to take a walk at lunch time, read a book, connect with my mentors or do a yoga class in the morning, I am much more able to stay focused on the tasks at hand and be a more effective leader.”

2. They don’t treat their inbox as an afterthought — but don’t let it own them either

“I know it’s worse than ever now with all the Zoom meetings, but we MUST review our emails and respond every day,” Holly Koenig, CEO and Executive Director of the New York Society of Association Executives, said.

“There could be a lost opportunity tucked in there, a request from a board member, a deadline. That could mean forwarding it to others in the company to handle. It could mean simply acknowledging and letting them know you’ll have an answer Tuesday. Whatever it is, take the time.”

Of course, that time may not appear if you don’t intentionally make room for it, Koenig added.

“My calendar is booked all day with internal and external meetings, but I purposely block two areas on my calendar,” she said.

“Everyone knows they can’t request a meeting time at those times. I make sure that I’m reviewing and responding to the morning emails and then again in the afternoon.”

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