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If you don’t do this while you sleep, it can be disastrous for your brain

By | CW Headley |

Although dementia is most commonly associated with memory impairment, the term actually refers to a wide array of neurodegenerative effects. Among these is excessive or insufficient sleep.

And just like dementia’s correlating diseases impact a healthy sleep regimen, a healthy sleep regimen has been studied to delay cognitive decline as we age.

The research literature suggests that beta-amyloid, which is the metabolic waste that accumulates between neurons, gets cleared out during phases of deep sleep.

Ladders recently reported on the increased levels of tau tangles inside the brain cells of people with Alzheimer’s and other cognitive illnesses.

Similarly, if a buildup of beta-amyloid clumps into amyloid plaques, neurons become unable to successfully communicate with one another–leading to complications linked to dementia.

In a new study conducted on mice and human models, published in the journal Current Biology, researchers defined the relevant parameters more squarely, writing:

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