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If You Think You Can, You Will

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The leaders I talk to almost daily overwhelmingly report a sensation of feeling a little bit stuck. They know there’s room to improve in their leadership, and they generally want to get better, but it can become a daunting proposition. When, and how, will they ever find the time to pursue growth amidst their impossibly long to-do list, a list that grows longer each day, weighing them down in both their work and personal lives?

Based on my over 40 years of leadership experience, I have a lot of thoughts about small steps busy leaders can take to get unstuck and maximize their impact (in fact, I’m currently writing an entire book to help leaders with this very problem) but there is one concept I’ve found can instantly help lighten the mental load. Once you understand it, it can offer relief – and often hope – no matter how unforgiving your schedule or responsibilities. The concept is the growth mindset and internalizing it will allow you to improve, and increasingly thrive, in perpetuity.  

What Is a Growth Mindset?


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