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If You Want To Build A Better Relationship With Your Boss Immediately, Just Ask Them This One Question

Source | | Mark Murphy

More than 10,000 people have taken the online test “Which Types Of Power Do You Use?” and the data shows that around 60% of executives and managers don’t feel like they have enough power to accomplish all their goals.

Those goals could be implementing a new change, enforcing new policies, tightening budgets or adapting to remote working. But regardless of the goal being pursued, when leaders don’t feel like they’ve got enough power to accomplish something, they get anxious and frustrated. And as you might imagine, anxiety and frustration can lead to a more autocratic leadership style (which a recent study shows most people dislike).

Here’s the good news: You can eliminate a lot of your boss’s anxiety and frustration, and immediately better your relationship by asking them one simple question:

What’s one thing that I could do, or do differently, that would make your life easier?

This seems like an incredibly simple question, but there’s quite a bit of psychology behind this exact wording. Here are four reasons why this question is so powerful.

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