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If Your Employees Aren’t Learning, You’re Not Leading

Source | | Mark Murphy

There’s a strong positive relationship between how much people learn on the job and how much they love their job. Employees who score high on survey questions like “I will have to learn new skills to achieve my assigned goals for this year” have higher scores on questions such as:

  • “I consider myself a high performer”
  • “The work I do makes a difference in people’s lives”
  • “I recommend this company to others as a great place for people to work”
  • “I recommend my boss to others as a great person to work for.”

Unfortunately, we know from the study “Are SMART Goals Dumb?” that only 42% of workers say they are always or frequently learning on the job, while another 39% percent say they are never or rarely learning.

Data from the study “Are SMART Goals Dumb?”


We also know from the online quiz “Do you set SMART Goals or HARD Goals?” that nearly 50% of people will not have to learn new skills before they’ll be able to accomplish their goals this year.

Fortunately, as a leader, you can correct this for your employees. Holding monthly conversations where you ask employees the following four questions will encourage and ensure new learning. Make sure you write everything down so you can track employee progress.

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