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Ignite the ‘Growth Hacker’ in your HR

Source | LinkedIn : By Mohit Gundecha

It was the 2nd year of my graduate program at Stanford University. I was looking for an industry sponsor for my research on ‘Future of Mobile Internet in India’. I kept reaching out to all kinds of prospects but things didn’t move. My mentor recommended me to tweak the positioning of my research to ‘Why Mobile, Why India, Why Now?’ – and we got Qualcomm as a sponsor the next day.

There was a Deja Vu moment for me at Jombay, when a client tweaked the positioning of the Psychometric Test to Psychometric Selfie, and 360 degree feedback to 360 Selfie. A different way of presenting the same product made a hell lot of difference. They got everyone to complete the exercises with 75% less reminders.

Often HR initiatives don’t take off due to their positioning or packaging. HR managers are strapped for resources; they have to create maximum impact with minimum available resources. Start-ups during their growth phases face similar resource constraints and hence they hire ‘Growth Hackers’. These are not traditional marketeers but people who think of unconventional or guerrilla techniques to evangelize, engage and grow their customers rapidly.

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