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IIT Bombay Placement 2020: Over 400 job offers with highest package of 1.63 crores

IIT Bombay Placement 2020 started on December 1, 2020. Within 2 days more than 400 job offered were made by 35 top companies that participated. Highest package of Rs 1.63 crore offered by Sony Japan

Source | | Papri Chanda

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay has started the IIT Bombay Placement 2020 on December 1, 2020. On Day 1 around 35 companies participated in the placement event to offered around 400 jobs to fresh graduates within two days. The highest package of Rs 1.63 crore was made on the first day by Sony Japan.

The number of international offers on Day 1 was 21 and the highest number of offers were made by Optiver (Netherlands), Honda R&D (Japan), and TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company), and the selection count by the end of Day 1 was 155. For national jobs, Texas Instruments, Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Mastercard, and Boston Consulting Group made the highest numbers of offers. Day 1 was concluded with 313 job offers including PPO & PSU.

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