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IIT-Madras faculty develop AI models to process text in 11 Indian regional languages

There are hardly any tools for Indian languages and this is the critical gap that we are trying to address through this initiative. These models are available free of cost as we want the entire country to benefit from them, claims IIT-Madras

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To make digital educational content available in Indian regional languages, faculty members of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras have developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) models and datasets. These data sets can process texts in 11 Indian regional languages and can be developed into creating tools which can automatically process questions written in Indian languages and classify them into specific topics.

Such a facility is available in English across the internet. This was taken up jointly with ‘AI4Bharat,’ a platform for building AI solutions for problems of relevance to India, said IIT-Madras in a press statement.

For the past one year, a team of researchers comprising students, faculty and volunteers from IIT-Madras and AI4Bharat worked on collecting data and training powerful models for processing text written in Indian languages, claims the IIT. The models take advantage of the similarities between Indian languages to make efficient use of data

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