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IITs encouraging students to opt for internship from prospective employers to boost job prospects

Source | The Economic Times : By Prachi Varma

NEW DELHI: Most of the Indian Institutes of Technology are encouraging students to accept internship offers from prospective employers, an attempt on part of the elite engineering institutes to minimise the number of students who do not get any job offers by the time of final placements in December. The IITs at Kharagpur, Chennai, Kanpur, Guwahati, Roorkee, Varanasi (Banaras Hindu University) and Hyderabad are part of this overdrive, people aware of the matter said.

Every year, 5-15% students at IITs fail to get any job offers, they said. “Internship is a natural step for all the IITs. This will make room for more students in the final placement season,” Debasis Deb, chairman of IIT Kharagpur’s Career Development Centre told ET.

IIT Kharagpur has quite a task on hand as it seeks to place nearly 2,000 students every year.


IITs encouraging students to opt for internship from prospective employers to boost job prospects
“If we get 300 PPOs (pre-placement offers) this year, which is almost double of last year’s, the pressure on final placement gets reduced,” Deb said. It is a challenge for the IITs to place all of their undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students.

“This is not the problem of one IIT but all the IITs. Students who do not perform that well (with less than 5 CGPA or cumulative grade point average) find almost no takers,” said Kaustubha Mohanty,faculty member in charge of placement at IIT Guwahati.

Mohanty said that most IITs are barely able to cross the 80% mark in terms of placing all its students other than undergraduates, including postgraduates, dual degree holders and PhDs. “Not a single IIT has 100% success rate in placing all its students,” he said.

Apart from students who are low performers (5-10% at each IIT), there are those students who do not opt for placements at all as they take up higher studies or entrepreneurship. NP Padhy, professor in charge of placements at IIT Roorkee said that the number of students doing internships and getting a PPO is increasing.

“The faith in internship is highest ever from the student fraternity. As an institute we too are ensuring that more and more companies come this year,” he said.

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