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I’ll Slow Down Tomorrow

Source | LinkedIn | Scott Hoover | CPA, Pastor, Writer

Some weeks you get to the end and need to ask yourself where you’re headed in life. This was one of those weeks.

It’s Saturday morning and I’m waaay behind on a major client project. I need to work a marathon day at my home office. I’m neglecting my family, but it’s what I need to do this “one-time” to get caught up.

I log on to my client’s system and start working. Within minutes, my elderly neighbor rolls in my driveway in his ancient, battered truck. With forced graciousness I give him a chair at the family table and we drink tea together.

I sit and listen. He’s had a tough life – failed marriage, estranged from his children, financial woes – and he needs my help with some paperwork.

We talk for over an hour. By the time he leaves, it’s edging toward lunch and my motivation is dropping like a brick off a skyscraper. I take a quick stroll around the property to see what the children are doing. And to clear my head.

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