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I’m a professional declutterer. Here are 5 tips for reducing the amount of stuff you own

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Tackling household clutter isn’t at the top of anyone’s “Fun Things I Did This Weekend” list. But it doesn’t have to be an onerous chore. These five tips will give you solid strategies to start getting rid of things that aren’t adding value to your life.

Start small

Choose a tiny area; the silverware drawer, a single bookshelf, or your bedside table. Something you can start and finish in 20 minutes or less. Take everything out, dust or wipe it down, and then decide what’s worth keeping.

The key here is to make quick decisions. If you are confused, ask yourself this: Do I use this? Do I love it? If the answer to both is no, you’re better off without it. Keep moving through the house, one small area at a time. 

Find the low-hanging fruit

Decluttering is hard. That’s because we’re emotionally attached to our stuff. So start with things that don’t inspire strong feelings. The bathroom is good for this; you can probably ditch outdated first aid supplies without too much hand-wringing.

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